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Merlo P35.11 Overview

The P35.11 stands out for the new high-comfort cab, for the completely renewed axles, for the use of technology that increases safety standards and an unparalleled level of performance and efficiency.



  • This compact construction model has a lift capacity of 3.5 tonnes and a lift height of 11m.
  • Thanks the hydrostatic transmission it guarantees maximum movement precision, which ensures millimetric variations in the machine’s movement and load’s positioning.
  • This model is fitted with a Stage V Kohler engine. Its 55.4kw/75HP ensures precision of drive at a max speed of 33km/h. In addition, the dry disc brakes make it possible to limit the absorption of energy thereby reducing the consumption of the machine.
  • This model comes with the new ASCS system (Adaptive Stability Control System) in Light version. This tool allows ensuring the maximum operational safety of the machine in any condition and with any TreEmme attachments.

A Full version is available as an option: it offers a 10.1” colour screen and it allows:

  • Displaying the capacity diagram, updated in real time
  • Setting and managing the geometric limits of machine use
  • Setting and adjusting the maximum speed of hydraulic movements
  • The new high-visibility cab, the four-wheel drive, the high ground clearance and the 55kW-75HP engine guarantee excellent results in terms of performance, comfort and safety.
  • The exclusive design of the Stabilisers, developed to offer a high structural resistance, guarantees their limited encumbrance during the operating phases, always staying within the machine’s width and limiting the visual encumbrances for the transfer phases. Independent and in stowed position, they allow maximum versatility, compactness and high reachable heights: 3 tons capacity at almost 10 meters.
  • The standard and exclusive Boom Side-Shift allows the load to be positioned without further manoeuvring, saving time and improving machine’s productivity: the system allows for a boom side-shift up to 620 mm.
  • This range comes with standard Chassis Levelling: the tilt correction system integrated into the chassis, allows the operator to correct the lateral inclination by 8%. This permits the telescopic boom to be moved out perpendicularly to work in condition of maximum safety. This feature reaches 24% later inclination with the combine action of the stabilisers.
  • The premium cab gives easy access, astounding space with great visibility: generous in dimensions, the cab is mounted on Silent Block, which drastically reduce vibrations, guaranteeing maximum comfort and visibility.
  • The boom suspension system (BSS) is available as an option, which protects the load during transfer and maintains a high level of driving comfort on rough terrain.


This machine comes as standard with:


Engine: Kohler 55.4kW/75.1HP Stage V

Transmission: Hydrostatic

Hydraulic system: Load Sensing + Flow Sharing 117 l/m 250 Bar

Capacitive Joystick

Chassis Levelling

Boom Side Shift

·       4 Ton towing hook

·       Front windscreen protection

·       Superior Cab Configuration

·       Sun Shade

·       Roof wiper

·       Rear mirror

·       400/70 R24 tyres

Maximum capacity 3.5 tonnes

Lift Height 11 meters

Frame Levelling & Boom Side Shift

Hydrostatic transmission

33km/h Maximum Speed

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The independent stabilisers enable simpler and levelled positioning on the ground