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Merlo M12.3 EVO HANDLER 400 Overview

The multifunctional M12.3 EVO HANDLER 400 is a genuine compact telescopic handler: the exclusive Handler attachment consists in a telescopic boom sliding on adjustable anti-friction pads. With a maximum lifting capacity of 400kg for 3.4m of maximum height, the handler is equipped as standard with the anti-tilt system that provides maximum operator safety.

The front carriage has manual attachment locking, meanwhile the boom controls are handled from an ergonomic electromechanical joystick. The machine is fitted with standard front hydraulic stabilisers, to ensure best performance and safety during the loading/unloading operations.

The Handler 400 is supplied with floating forks as standard, however when required the telescopic boom can also be fitted with a wide variety of other attachments (loaders, forks with grab, log gripper, hedge cutters, etc.) for digging, lifting, transporting and cutting.


The Handler 400 is a practical solution for work on different scenarios, from hillsides of mountainous area to hard work in tight spaces. This multifunction Cingo offers maximum traction capacity, maximum ergonomics, easy handling and simplified maintenance.


Thanks to its compact size, the M12.3 EVO HANDLER 400 is the ideal super compact telescopic handler for working in particularly narrow spaces. The 21hp Kubota diesel engine and the high attachment angle of the tracks allow the machine to overcome any obstacle, thereby ensuring maximum versatility in all work situation.

The hydrostatic transmission with variable hydraulic pumps and gear motors, coupled with the power of the engine, make this machine a particularly manageable instrument capable of operating in all work conditions. The transmission of torque is directly transmitted to the tracks: this ensures maximum performance and drive transmission capacity.

The integrated parking brake provides excellent dynamic braking, requiring less space for stopping and therefore high safety for the operator and greater precision in carrying out the work: the new compact and reliable solution provides a progressive and safe meshing. Automatically activated when the operator releases the driving levers or when the diesel engine is switched off.

The auxiliary hydraulic system is fed by double pump at 27+8 litres/min, ensuring excellent management of hydraulic operation of any attachment. Therefore the RH case allows easy inspection of the engine bay for routine maintenance.

Strong rubber tracks suitable for all terrains with low specific pressure. Four oscillating rollers increase the driving comfort and transport safety, dampening the obstacles the machines is facing. Therefore track guides ensure a noise reduction.

The structure dumpers and platform’s shock-absorbing system reduce the vibrations transmitted to the operator, while the large support surface further enhances the driving comfort.

Considering the compact dimension for this great performance, no other similar track carrier are available on the market!



Engine: Kubota 21hp, Diesel, 3 cylinders, Stage IV

Max speed (km/h): 5

Transmission: Hydrostatic, Variable Displacement Pump

Transmission levers: Servo Hydraulic

Service Pump: Double Gear 8.2cc + 2.6cc

Flow rate (l/min): 27+8

Pressure (Bar): 180

Starting: Electric

Auxiliary Oil cooling system

Quick Coupling System

Four hydraulic connectors

Automatic parking brake

Digital display


·       Maximum capacity 400kg

·       Lifting height 3.4m

·       Floating forks

·       Electromechanical 4 button Joystick

·       Front hydraulic stabiliser


3.4 metre lifting height

Lift capacity 400 Kg

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