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Offering satisfaction to our customers, and ensuring that these customers can place total trust in our machines is of primary importance to us. For this reason, Merlo offers customers a comprehensive range of services designed to offer total peace of mind and to help gain maximum benefit from their investment in machinery produced by our company.

Merlo supports all customers from the moment of purchase, offering advice on the most suitable investment, and remaining at their side for the entire life of the machine. The services provided by Merlo assist customers in managing the financial aspects related to the possession of the machine, with a range of financial packaged and extended warranties. Our goal is to ensure that we know each Merlo machine in detail, and to follow these worldwide through our specially selected network of dealers and partners, who are trained periodically in order to provide consistently high quality service.

Thanks to this widespread and knowledgeable network, Merlo is able to give assistance and support for all its products across the world, in order to maximise the productivity of our machinery and the satisfaction of our customers.

Through our Scheduled Maintenance programme, adjusted according to machine activity type, the customer can optimise the performance and longevity of the machine, whilst bearing in mind the type, quantity and conditions of work for which it is used year on year. By adopting and following these programmes, the dealer ensures that the customer’s machine receives optimum maintenance for its entire service life, thus increasing productivity to the maximum and safeguarding its residual value.

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